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Training Packages

Personal Training

Helping Hand

This more interactive approach is for individuals who are looking for in depth one on one attention. It is for the new exerciser, the individual who is looking to make significant lifestyle modifications, or for the person who just needs that extra push.

·              Assessments & Goal Setting
·              1 hour personal training session 
      o                    1, 2, or 3 times a week
·              Email/ phone communication when needed
·              Guidance in all aspects of wellness

 Package                    # Sessions         Session Rate                   Total
Enlighten Me         1                    $50                    $50
Go In-depth           10                  $45                   $450
Overhaul               20                  $40                    $800

Flying Solo
Great for the individual who is comfortable with exercising on their own, is looking for guidance in what to do to reach a specific goal, or is looking to add variety to what they are currently doing. Programs can be spread out based on individual needs.

·                    Assessments
·                    Workout program
·                    Tracking Logs
·                    In home sessions
·                    Nutrition Counseling
·                    Phone calls to check in

Get Me Started                        $240
·  3 personal training sessions: 60 minutes
·  3 phone calls: 15-20 minutes (minimum)

      Keep Me Going                        $470
        ·  6 personal training sessions: 60 minutes
        ·  6 phone calls: 15-20 minutes (minimum)                       

I’m In it For the Long Haul $700
        ·  9 personal training sessions: 60 minutes
         ·  9 phone calls: 15-20 minutes (minimum)           

Group Training

A way to get personalized attention, but yet learn and work with others. Great for a group of friends who have similar goals and want motivation to workout together to achieve a healthier lifestyle. (2-4 people)

Package                            # Sessions           Session Rate                    Total
Get Us Moving             1                    $84                    $84
Keep Us Motivated     10                    $76                   $760
New Lifestyle Change 20                   $68                   $1360
*** All training session are conducted in trainers home studio (see address on back.)  Trainer will come to home for small fee.

***Group Participants can utilize the telephonic coaching or individual sessions for 15% off

Contact information:
Phone: 608.963.5670

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