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Monday, September 26, 2011

Traits Essential For Change

In Karen Koenig’s book The Rules of Normal Eating, she lays out six personality traits that are essential for changing attitudes and behaviors. Take inventory of the traits and see how you measure up!

1.      Curiosity-the desire to find out what is wrong, what has worked in the past, what others are doing, and finding ultimately what will work for you

2.      Compassion for self- not beating yourself up if you make a mistake, loving yourself and wanting to be the best that you can

3.      Caring for self- taking the time to put you above other things, knowing that you deserve to feel your best

4.      Practice- you are learning a new behavior which takes multiple times of doing it before it sticks

5.      Patience- giving yourself time, not doubting your ability, being patient with life

6.      Persistence- sticking to your goals, not giving up, doing what it takes to stay motivated and not let others bring you down.

Karen says, “Change is like SCRABBLE. If you are stuck you have the choice to return the unusable letters back and get different ones. There is no guarantee that they will be any better, but what do you have to loose, you can’t make any words anyways.

Enjoy the game!

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