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Tuesday, May 8, 2012

What is Your Motivation

In a past posting called Creating Your Wellness Vision, I encouraged you to lay out the reasons making change are important to you. If you are struggling with sticking with your program this is a time to go back and to revisit those reasons. Many times things change in our lives and then so does our motivation (people come in and out of our life, our family’s activities change, our trips come and go, our interests shift with the seasons).
Go back and make that list again or actually do it for the first time. Know that just by taking the ten minutes to sit down with this activity could be the difference between success and failure. After creating that list make sure that your reasons are in front of you each and everyday with pictures, notecards, clothes that you want to were, plane tickets, your children, etc.

Just like showering motivation does not last so be sure to incorporate it in every single day.

If you are one to need a little push maybe a monetary one will do the trick.  is a website that allows you to bet on your success. Check it out!

My motivation is how I feel. I get into a downward spiral very quickly if I allow myself to slide. I get very fatigued, cranky, unfocused, bloated, and not fun to be around. I do not like myself when I am in this state so I am motivated to not allow myself to go there.

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