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Thursday, October 4, 2012

High Intensity Workout-Crossfit style

This workout is a crossfit style of workout in the sense that you are given a series of five exercises and you complete the set number of repetitions listed as many times as possible in the master time allotted. Push yourself to move quickly, but do not sacrifice intensity and form in order to do so. Make each set challenging by adjusting weights, your arm length, type of push-up etc.

Warm-up: (for added challenge do this warm-up on a hill) Perform each exercise for :60

Bear crawl (up the hill forward and backwards going down)
Plank  (facing down hill or feet elevated on bench)

Circuit #1   work through this circuit as many times as possible in 12 minutes  (most will be able to complete 5-6 times)

Pushups                                       11
Sit-ups                                         11  (use weight for added challenge)
Mountain climbers                      50 (twenty five each leg) 
(another option if you have a hill is to sprint up and down it as fast as you can once)
Squat Jumps                                  7

 Circuit #2  work through this circuit as many times as possible in 12 minutes  (most will be able to complete 4-5 times)

Tricep Dips                                   11
Reverse lunges                             11 each leg
(Option to either weight yourself or add power with a jump landing low)
Jumping Jacks                              30 (or 15 star jumps)
Plank Walkouts with a Push Up   7


Circuit #3
You are going to do Pyramids with two exercises. Perform one Burpee and then one Kettlebell swing, then perform two Burpees and two kettlebell swings all the way up to 12. Use heavy weights when doing the swing (15-40 lbs) using either a dumbbell or a kettlebell. Make adjustments so that you can keep moving. Most individuals finish in 8-13 minutes depending on their fitness level. Push yourself with intensity and with speed.

Stretch: In this workout you did a lot of shoulder work so notebook(see photo below) would a great to include as well as a standing hamstring stretch.

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