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Monday, December 17, 2012

No Excuse Workout!

I know that many people feel that if they don't have an hour to workout that it is not worth it. Well again I want you working out smart not longer. Here is a workout that will take no more than 30 minutes to do and will leave those muscle quivering.

Download Tabata app for smart phone or tablet/ipad
Medium/Heavy resistance band or dumbbells (10-35 lbs), A Kettlebell if you have one (15-50 lbs)

Part of the workout is using the Tabata format. This is again 20 seconds of high intensity work with either 10 seconds of rest of holding. Be sure to work as hard as you can starting each 20 second boot of work and make modification if/when needed. STOPING IS NOT AN OPTION!

Jog in place or forward and back for :60.

Plank Lateral Walk- Start in a plank position. Step your hand and foot out to the right bring it back in and then step the hand and foot out to the left. Repeat 4-8 times per side.
Squat Chops- Hang onto a light dumbbell (5-10lbs.)in both hands. When you are in a low squat position the dumbbell with be down between your legs. As you come to the top of the squat by straightening your legs use your core to lift your arms straight overhead. Repeat 10-12 times.

#1 Perform two :20 bouts of Spider Push ups followed by 2 :20 bouts of Tricep Push ups. Repeat for a total of 8 rounds.
Spider Push ups
L3-While at the bottom of your push up draw your right knee to the right elbow perform another push up and this time draw the left knee to left elbow
L2-Perform a push and at the top of the motion draw the right  knee to the right elbow perform another push up and this time draw the left knee to left elbow
L1-The push ups can be done on the knees and then draw the knee to elbow. If you are in between do the push up on the knees and pop up on the toes for the knee pull in.

Tricep Push ups
To find the correct position with your hands lie on your stomach and place your hands right on the outsides of your chest. Elbows with graze your ribs as you lift and lower. Your nose will aim right in front of your fingers.
L3- Perform a power push up by propelling yourself off the ground and landing low in the tricep push up position.
L2-Perform a regular tricep push up on the toes.
L1-Drop down to one or both of your knees. Know that moving your knees underneath you and sticking your butt up might be needed to keep your nose in front of your fingers.

#2 Perform two :20 bouts of Power Lunges followed by :20 of Lunge Jumps on your right leg, :20 of Lunge Jumps on the left leg, and then two bouts of Power Lunges.
Power Lunges
L3-Hold onto dumbbells. One in each hand down by your sides, or one at chest height. It would be even more challenging to hold one dumbbell over your head. Start in a low lunge position with your right leg forward. You are going to power your legs pushing through your right heel getting as much height as possible and landing in a low lunge position with the left leg forward. Continue switching legs as fast as possible yet adding as much intensity as you can.
L2- Perform the above exercise without weight either hands over head, on head, or moving in opposite direction as legs to help with the propulsion.
L1- Narrow your lunge so that you do not go as low or need as much power. You could also perform reverse lunge with weights if the power bothers your knees.
Lunge Jumps
L3- Weight yourself with the same options as the power lunges. Stand in a low lunge position and jump up and down not switching legs. Think about landing softly.
L2-In a low position with no weights jump up and land low back in your lunge position.
L3- Perform pulsing lunges never leaving the floor.

#3 Perform two :20 bouts of Bent Over Rows either with a band or with heavy dumbbells followed by 2 :20 bouts of reverse flies. Repeat both for a total of 8 rounds.
Bent Over Rows
Stand with hip width apart and hinge forward at the hips so that your back is flat and head in line with the spine. Hang onto the band (place the band underneath feet for anchor point) or dumbbells with knuckles forward. As you exhale draw the elbows up as high as possible without moving the body squeezing the shoulder blades together behind you. Adjust the tension/weight so that you can barely complete the :20. If your lower back is bothering you know that staggering your legs can help.
Reverse Flies
Stand with your feet wide for a nice stable base of support. Hinge over like the above exercise. Keeping your arms as straight as possible raise the dumbbells out to the sides of the body squeezing your shoulder blades.

NOTE: To up the intensity with all the exercises holding for the ten seconds between the exercises with do it!

Grand Finale
Perform Kettlebell Swings for :60 followed by small single leg jump forward and back for :30 each leg. Repeat 3 times.

For more on the kettlebell swing take a peak at this video:

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