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Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Bouncing Back Post Baby

Having kids takes a toll on your body, one that I wouldn't trade for the world.  I have been blessed with two amazing boys. Drake was 7lbs 7 ounces and Dylan 7 lbs 13 ounces. They were almost exactly two years apart and the pregnancies were about the same.  I gained around 33-35 lbs, stayed active up until delivery with strength training, elliptical, step aerobics, and yoga, and overall couldn't complain too much about how I felt. I ate my healthy normal meals and snacks. Due to my activity and health I would say that my labors were quicker and easier than most. I went all natural. I labored for around 6 hours with my first pushing for around 28 minutes. With the second I labored for around 2 hours and pushed two minutes. With both I was running and resuming my normal activities around two weeks later.

Writing this it is about three and a half weeks since I had my son. I currently have 10lbs of fat to lose to get back to pre-baby weight. I know this will come off in the next few weeks. The reasons for all of this detail is that I want women to know that exercising and taking care of yourself pre and post baby is huge. I have been so blessed and know that a lot of it had to do with the choices that I have made with my wellness.

Is it challenging? Of course it is. I have been having to remind myself of all of the things that I tell my clients over and over.
-Running is hard. I have to take it slow and build back up my mileage as not to not injure myself.
-Weight does not come off overnight and I have to have patience.
-I have to keep asking myself what I need. If I am tired I need to sleep not eat. If I am thirsty I need to drink and not eat. If I am stressed I need to take some deep breaths, go for a walk, or talk to someone and not eat. Food is not comfort.
-I do need to consume enough calories with nursing and exercising. It is making sure they are wholesome. It is important to not feel guilty about consuming the amount of calories my body needs.
-Planning and prepping for meals is key to success. With limited time with two kids this step can not be overlooked.
-Scheduling my workouts in, but being flexible (in case of a crabby baby or needed nursing session).

I always say that wellness is a lifelong journey, because our lives are constantly changes. Having a baby is a great example of this, but moving, starting a new job, getting married, being injured and many more fit the bill.

If you know of anyone who is pregnant, just had a baby, or thinking about having a baby I would love to talk to them about their wellness plan. Everyone's experience is different, but I would love for them to have as great of experience as I did and the quick recovery.

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  1. Hi Ashley! Glad to hear everything went well with baby #2. Sounds like you have the same positive healthy attitude you did in yoga class!