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Monday, December 26, 2011

Definition of Wellness

There are many definitions of health and wellness. For some they choose to be very diligent with their eating and exercise working out daily and completely staying away from wheat, gluten, dairy, and all sweets. For others they choose to be vegetarian and practice yoga three times a week. Yet another individual might focus on a well balanced diet and walk on their lunch breaks.  So which one is the best?

Everyone is looking for the best diet and exercise program. The truth is that to be ultimately successful you need to look at your life and what best fits you. There is no cookie cutter program and over your lifespan things change. Being able to adapt with those changes is key. What your life looks like after having kids or accepting a new position with different hours will change your definition of wellness.

So ask yourself the following questions to help develop your definition of wellness:

o       After eating certain foods do you feel sluggish or have a stomach ache? If so, what are those foods?

o       What foods provide lots of energy and leave you feeling good?

o       Do you have any health issues that are attributed to your nutrition?

o       Is there a level of fitness you would like to achieve? Do you have poor flexibility, muscle imbalances, weight to loose, or low endurance? If so how can you focus on these things?

o       What types of exercise do you enjoy and are convenient to incorporate into your day?

o       With your other commitments what is realistic as far as time allotted for working out?

o       Are you a Type A person who could work on adopting more Type B personality traits?

o       How many hours of sleep do you function your best with?

There is a lot to take into consideration when it comes to your wellness plan. Have you developed your definition yet?

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