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Monday, February 20, 2012

Could your friends be making you fat?

Our friends influence us in many ways through social modeling- our tendency to mimic the actions of those around us. With those surveyed in the global edelman Health Barometer survey (2011) forty-three% said their friends and family have the most impact on personal health lifestyle. Have you taken a look at the health level of those you spend the most time with? Are they active, at a healthy weight, choose healthy foods, refrain from unhealthy behaviors? What impact are your family and friends having on you?

Here are some other stats to get your thinking:

  • Your chance of becoming plump if a friend does increased by 57%.
  • If two people dine together, each will eat 35% more than if they dined alone.
  • If more than seven friends dine together, they will consume more than 96% more than they would solo.
  • Eating behaviors are dictated by a tableside “pacesetter” who unknowingly sets the standards as to how much and how fast people eat.
  • People cite failure to sustain a behavior change due to lack of ongoing social support.
I’m not saying don’t eat out or stop hanging out with certain friends, but becoming aware of what influences your actions can help you change unhealthy behaviors. 

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