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Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Change your Enviroment

Dustin Maher , Author of Fit Moms For Life and created of Mama Tone at Supreme Fitness, posed a great open ended question that I thought would be a good posting. 

 "Environment trumps will-power."  This is the quote that prompted him to ask what areas in your life could you make small (or large) changes that will eliminate the temptation or greatly decrease the time the temptation presents itself (people, places, things)?
I agree that changing your environment can make sticking with your plan one hundred times easier. Some things are very easy to change, but others may not be. For instance your best friend who always insists going out for ice cream or your significant other who brings home unhealthy foods to stock the cupboards for treats are harder then chaning the route you walk to your desk at work. I hope you have all taken care of those things that are easier to change. If not that is where you might want to start. After that dive in a little deeper for those more challenging ones. 

My last post started my journey in opening up more about me and my struggles and successes. So in continuing with that one of the environmental things that I could still change is my schedule for dinner. Being a trainer my schedule is sometime chaotic especially in the evenings. Not only do I work a little later, but I also go to bed early in order to get up early.  Some nights I am putting my son to bed right after work, which lately has been a struggle. I am tired and not making the best decisions at night and then going to bed soon afterwards. I know the best way to change this is to eat my dinner earlier around 2:30 and have a light snack before bed. I eat breakfast at around 5 AM, a snack around 8, and lunch around 11 so the transition wouldn’t be hard. Right now I eat a small snack around 2:30, but need to eat more to tied me over.

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