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Monday, May 21, 2012

Exercising In The Park

Scheduling out time for my own workouts is often a challenge, but being creative has assured that I still get them in. In my book being a mom has not hindered my being active. My one year old son, Drake, loves to go to the park. This has been my saving grace the last few weeks. We run to the park using the jogging stroller and I utilize the park equipment to exercise and he has a great time. I place him in the swing and while he is swinging I do an exercise, push him again, and then onto another. He loves when I count my repetitions, when I tickle him and make funny faces while doing lunges or jump squats, and also when I grunt!

 Here is a workout that all you need is a swing and a bench. Your goal is to do 15 repetitions of the first two exercises in each circuit and then the third exercise for 45 seconds. Go through each circuit twice before moving onto the next.

 Note: I have added hyperlinks to similar exercises using the TRX for a visual.

Circuit #1
Push Up with swing- Place your feet in the swing so that you are doing a declined push-up.

Single Arm Row- Grab a hold of the swing with your right hand. It is best to hang onto the part closest to you with your knuckles up. Walk your feet forward so that your body is at an angle. The farther forward your feet are the more challenging the exercise. Use your back muscles and pull your body up as your bent elbow goes wide. Slowly lower yourself back down.

Mountain Climbers- :Place your hand on the ground so that your body is in a plank position with straight arms. Draw your right knee into the chest tapping the toe and quickly extend it back out. Repeat on the other side and continue quickly alternating legs while keeping shoulders over top of hands and body in plank position. These can be done with hands on a bench to reduce intensity.

Circuit #2
Lunges with back leg in Swing- Place your right leg into the swing. Step your left leg about three feet in front of the swing. Bent your left leg and slowly lower into a lunge position. Use the front leg to do all the work with the lunge. Be sure that the knee stays over top of the heel. Repeat other leg. (another option is to place your back leg on a bench for more stability)

Knee Tucks with Swing- Start with your hands on the ground and feet in swing as you would for the push ups using the swing. Keeping your upperbody stationary pull your knees into your chest and slowly extend them back out. (this can be done with a single leg for more core challenge)

Jumping Jacks- Start with feet together and arms down by sides. Jump while extending feet out and arms up over head like a star. Jump and bring everything back to the starting position. Jumping jacks can be performed really fast by shortening your levers (arms and legs bent) or by moving slower yet strong and powerful.

Circuit #3
Tricep Dips- Find a bench to sit on. Place your hands on the edge of the bench knuckles forward. Walk your feet forward so that they are underneath your knees and hip off the bench. Slowly lower your body towards the floor while bending your elbows. Keep elbows close the body and shoulder rolled back and down. Press yourself back up using your legs as much as you need.

Hamstring Curls In Swing- Lye on the ground on your back with your feet in the swing. Heels are best so they do not slip. Press your feet into the swing and elevate your hips. Extend your legs out straight while pressing into the swing and then slowly pulling your legs back in. Keep your hips elevated and repeat.
Ski Jumps: Stand with feet together. Jump to the right several feet, keeping knees bent and landing in a squat. Jump back to the left and continue jumping from side to side (place a book or waterbottle on the ground to jump over for added challenge)

Get outside and enjoy! No excuses.....

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