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Tuesday, June 19, 2012

The Reasons I Run

My husband and I are ramping up our mileage to do the Madison Mini Half Marathon on August 18th.  This will be my fourth half marathon. As I am doing a lot more research on running and fine tuning my training program to fit my needs I thought I would share my reasons for running. If you do not have reason’s for sticking with something most of the time you will not succeed.

  1. To stay focused. I find that when focused on my training program I have to be more diligent and structured with every other aspect of my life including work, my workouts, nutrition, weekend activities, time with family, etc.
  2. To challenge myself physically and mentally. There is no greater feeling then when you cross that finish line. I well up with tears every time with the feeling of satisfaction, success, and joy. The half that I did three and a half months postpartum I used my son, Drake, as my motivation. I used the metaphor of labor to get me through. The race had a two-hour delay in the beginning due to rain and I was really thrown off mentally. I knew that he would be at the finish line when I got there and so just like labor I knew if I kept pushing towards the end my reward would be there to greet me. I love improving my times with each run and am excited to see and feel the differences in my running efficiency. I am looking forward to a new Personal Record. I am in comptetition with myself.
  3. To be able to relate. I train many clients who compete in events and having done them myself provides that first hand knowledge to better coach and train them.
  4. To stay in shape. Running is an activity that I can do with my dog, son, and husband. It is common to see me in the company of at least two if not all three on my runs. I have been running with my son since he was four weeks old and know that it is an activity (depending on the weather) that I have no excuses for. We enjoy our time out exploring. I get to spend time with the boys, see great sites, and get my workout in. I can always quick jump on the treadmill as another option if needed.
  5. Reduce Stress. Running is a time (except speed work and hills) that I can just be. I let go of all of my stressors and come back clear headed and refreshed.
Happy Running.

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