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Wednesday, June 27, 2012

“Life is Short. Act More. Think Less.”

“Life is Short. Act More. Think Less.”
I saw this saying while looking for new exercise ideas the other day and it struck me as something I need to work on. I am a thinker. I spend a great deal of time thinking, strategizing, planning, and worrying. I catch myself putting little things on my planner/to do list that take longer to jot down then actually complete. I refrain from doing something on the spur of the moment, because my brain starts to over think how everything will fit together. I start doubting my abilities or question the purpose of the activity and then back out. My brain is in overdrive even when I practice yoga to help me focus.

Now for those who know me I always say planning is key to success. If you fail to plan you plan to fail. It is when the thinking and planning hinders you from really living life that it becomes a problem. If you are the type to have your brain take over verses just jumping in with both feet keep this saying in your head. Use it as an affirmation daily.

This is going to be my focus for the next month. What things has your brain held you back from lately? Clear the way and live like your were dying as Tim McGraw sings!

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