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Monday, July 30, 2012

Circuit for the Backyard

Do you have a great back yard or park nearby? Sometimes setting up a circuit can be a fun way to involve the family and friends! My back yard is fenced in so I can have my son playing on his own, the dog roaming around and everyone is happy!
Here is a routine that you will take you about 30 minutes to complete with warm-up and cool down.


Imagine a large square in the lawn about 15 feet on each side. Set up the cones on one side. Move around the square with stationary exercises at the corners for 15 repetitions while completing the exercises between the corners just once. Keep yourself moving around the circle for 20-25 minutes getting a drink where needed. Push yourself to get around the circuit 4 or more times. Always start a workout with a light warm-up and a few stretches at the end.  

Jumping Jacks (15) ----------------------------------à Burpees (15)
                                                Bear Crawl

  • .                                                                  -
  • .                                                                  -
  • .                                                                  -
  • .  Lateral steps over cones                         -   Skip
  • .         (face the other directions each time)                  -
  • .                                                                  -
  • .                                                                  -
  • .

                                           Bunny Hops
Double Crunch (15) <-------------------------------- Jump Squats (15)

Bunny Hops-Jump with both feet together as far forward as you can. Then power forward again.
Double Crunch- Lie on your back with your hands behind head. Bend your knees at a ninety-degree angle so feet are in the air. As you exhale you are going to pull your upper torso and your knees as close together as possible. On the inhale release back down and repeat.

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