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Thursday, August 30, 2012

What Can We Really Achieve?

I have many of my clients who have seen great success. They have gotten down to their original goals with their weight and have asked, “What next?” I know I have been their before as well. Can we lose more weight? Can we get stronger? What other tweaks can we make in our nutrition? How do we want to challenge our self next? What are we really capable of?
One of my friends posted this on her facebook page the other day:
The sky is the limit and we have to determine for our self what our goals are. Many of my clients have mentioned when talking about their goals or changes they are making with others that person will say, “You don’t have to make any changes you are already skinny.” This is frustrating in the sense we then question our motives and our drive.
That was the case for me and I became content even when I knew I wanted to achieve more. I sat at 7 lbs heavier and two sizes bigger then I really wanted to be for many years not having more reason to push that extra bit. The individuals I spent time with thought I was skinny, I had been at this weight for 2-3 years, all my clothes fit, and I knew what to do to maintain it. I was content. Then I asked myself what was my goal? The goal that is determined not by anyone except myself and my beliefs of where I truely wanted to be. Once I broke that barrier I had a new drive. Changes were made and the goal was achieved.
In writing this blog posting today I wanted to get you thinking about how you determine your goals, how you set standards for yourself, and if the sky was the limit what would you want to achieve?
Now give yourself permission to become extraordinary!

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