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Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Grocery Shopping

I attending a grocery shopping tour by Tracie Hittman last week. It was interesting to have someone actually take you through the store and show you things that they suggest you buy. I learned a lot and was so glad I was able to attend.  Tracie has many other classes and a great blog that encourage you to check out:

One of the things that I said though afterward the tour is that now we have to put it into practice. It is one thing to be given a plan and the reason behind the plan, but putting it into practice is most of the time the hardest part. I know I am a creature of habit when it comes to grocery shopping. I do not like to spend a lot of time in there and many times with my son I do not have a lot of time. This is good if you continually buy the best foods. I have made many tweaks over the years to what I put in my cart and after the tour I will do some more tweaking.

Here are some of those changes:
  • I will go back to drinking real cows milk : Organic Sassy Cow is what I buy my son and know that is a great choice for him. I on the other hand have been drinking Almond Milk for about 3 years. I started drinking this because I thought is was healthier for you. Come to find out that is not the case. According to Tracie Hittman's rules it was not around 100 years ago and therefor I should not be drinking it.
  • Yogurt: I will now look at the label of my yogurt. Yogurt should not contain Pectin. Pectin is a thickening ingredient which is natural to find in jams, jellies, etc, but not in yogurt. One yogurt that was suggested was Fage. I have made this switch and like it.
  • I will stick with white cheese: Milk is white so cheese should be as well. It is so simple, but I never really thought about it before. Also making sure to look at the labels for RBGH Free on them or buy cheese from other countries which all are RBGH Free.
  • Know that it is a transition: Tracie reiterated that there are some great transitional foods that may not be A+ foods, but maybe B-. This is going to be important with transitions from things we currently eat now and for those times we just want something specific. My husband is very happy with this point:)

Keep making those small changes, because they do add up.

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