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Monday, October 29, 2012

Erin's Success Story

I am proud of all of my clients and their success is the greatest feeling ever. One of the biggest common threads that I have found with client's success is the change in the whole person. A great example of that is Erin. In the years time that I have worked with Erin she has lost 25 pounds, 10% of her body fat, and 17 inches from her hips, waist, chest, thigh and bicep. As you can see from the before and after pictures she looks amazing! These are just the physical changes. In order to get there she has made significant changes in all other aspects of her life. Her self confidence has soared and health and wellness is part of her lifestyle. Challenges that she faced in the begining of her journey are now solid habits. 


Erin said, "When I decided to start working out with a trainer, I told myself that I was going to give 100%. I really wanted to create a lifestyle change.  I wanted the things I did and learned to become my new norm. " That is exactly what she has done from her habits at home, work, and most importantly social situations.

Here is a little more about Erin and her success:
"I was always very active and fit in high school. I never really worried about food because I didn’t have to. When I got to college, things were a little different. Like most people, I embarked on some other extra-curricular activities that I enjoyed a little more than exercising! J They all resulted in empty alcohol calories, late night pizza’s and pretty much doing nothing the next day! After college, I would try to work out and get back into my high school shape but just could not get into a routine. Things would come up or I wouldn’t see change and I would quit. In August of 2011, I hurt my knee which put me back even more. In September, I was in a wedding and was very unhappy with my body. In October, I found Ashley! I was about 25 – 30 lbs overweight and I just didn’t know how I had lost myself to that point. I knew I had motivation but I also knew that I needed a little extra push to get to where I needed to be. That is exactly what I am getting by working out with Ashley. I also now have the tools and knowledge of what to do when I am on my own, both with exercise and eating."
"I would have to say that the biggest thing I had to change to become successful was my way of thinking. Your mind can be such a powerful thing. If you don’t think you can do something, you’re never going to be able to. "

"What surprised me the most of this journey is how successful I could be if I really put everything into it. I knew working out was not only a time investment but a financial one as well. I was going to make the most out of it no matter what. Ashley gave me so many handouts, recipes, tips, and workouts that I took in like a sponge. Every time we did weights and measurements I would see improvements, which also helped to keep me motivated with my lifestyle change. Another thing that really surprised me was how much I enjoyed cooking and trying new recipes. I became a farmer’s market junkie and am always looking for new ways to incorporate local fruits and vegetables into my meals." 
"I would tell anyone who is struggling to quit making excuses and get started.  Even the smallest changes make a difference. Most importantly, don’t depend on small changes, you have to make a big change in your thinking.  Since you’re altering your lifestyle there’s no need to put a time limit on the changes.  We all want the weight to come off fast, but it takes time.  And it’s not all about the weight (well, it’s mostly about the weight) but it’s also about being healthy."
"Being patient is hard. I try to remember that there are a lot of factors that influence my actions, but in the long run, I have to be in control.  In those moments that I waver, I now know how to rebound quickly and get back on track."

Erin has already been a motivation to others. It was always amazing when she started altering her choices in situations as well as her environment how others were intrigued and benefited as well. When others start making changes an even stronger support system develops and all the habits you have worked on are so much easier!

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