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Friday, January 25, 2013

Tammy's Success Story

All of the clients that I work with are very different in their goals and what strategies I use in order for them to be successful. Many people have goals of weight loss, but for Tammy that was never really her main focus. When I first started to work with Tammy we had to do a lot of corrective stretches, core stabilizing, and learning of movement patterns. Tammy used to joke that the things I had her do for her workouts in the beginning became warm-up exercises as she progressed. For Tammy being active on her own was not in the cards, but with time her intrinsic motivation soared. Movement is an essential part of her life for more reasons than one. Tammy has done a phenomenal job of changing her lifestyle!

Here is a little of Tammy's story:

I have never been athletic or exercised regularly. The closer I got to 40 the more I felt like a slug. I couldn’t get up stairs without breathing hard, I had chicken wings under my arms, and my usual routine of “eat less to keep weight at bay” was not working. I tried gyms and blew a disc in my lower back, or had back pain each time I went back. Money spent on gym memberships was going to waste. I knew I needed something more.

I am good if I have to keep an appointment. I like having a routine, but not having to be the one to research and design it. And I like variety not the same old same old. That’s when I decided to try a personal trainer. I contacted Ashley and the rest is history.

I worked with Ashley for over a year and a half and loved it. Ok, ok, I HATED sweating but I LOVED the results. I bought a piece of exercise equipment to do cardio on my own, seeing definite changes in my body, and feeling great. I was eating better. I was choosing more activities versus sitting on the couch. I really didn’t lose a ton of weight, but that was never my goal. My goal was to be in better shape and feel better and that’s what I got. Oh yeah and no back pain.

I was off exercising for 3 months due to an accident. I went back to Ashley – because I trusted her – and in no time I was back up to my earlier performance. I tear up when I think about it. At one point I couldn’t walk without a walker and now I am dancing with my hubby again. It’s the best.

The biggest thing that Tammy had to change in order to be successful:

I had to change my outlook on exercise. I had to realize that being active is a lifestyle choice, not just 30 minutes, 3 times a week.

What surprised Tammy most about this journey:

How much other people noticed the changes that I felt were teeny, tiny. My confidence improved and that was never an intention. I don’t mind sprinting now, though no 10ks for me...but I never say never now. I eat well, but never say no to a favorite. The biggest thing, how much I missed moving when I was laid up in bed and couldn’t move. I am so blessed to have the ability to be active; I plan never to take it for granted again.

Tammy's advice for others who are struggling:
There is no better use of your time, or your money, than investing in your health. You do deserve it. It is as important as ANYTHING else you will invest money in, I promise. If you want someone who really cares about you – Ashley is an excellent choice.

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