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Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Super Circuit Workout

For this workout you will need two set of dumbbells. One set for shoulder presses and a little heaver for squats. You will need a cone or towel and either space to run around or a step. This workout is strength based, but will keep your heart rate elevated the whole time. Try to keep yourself moving grabbing a drink and taking a short break maybe halfway through only if needed. For the workout itself you are going to perform the strength exercise listed and then either make a lap around your workout space (track is good if an option), do 15 jumping jacks, or jog up and down on a step or your bottom stair for :20 seconds before quickly moving onto the next exercise. Go through the whole circuit at many times as you can in 25 minutes. Many people are able to get anywhere between 3-5 rounds in. Push yourself to move quickly, but still focus on making each individual movement the hardest you can.

Do 3-5 minutes of dynamic movements or holds. Some good choices:
Alternate forward and Lateral Lunges on each side
Grapevine across the floor crossing your right foot in front of the left and then behind when moving left and vice versa

Exercise Name
Exercise Description
Dumbbell Clean and Press
Stand with feet hip width apart, dumbbells in your hands knuckles forward dangling in front of your thighs. On an inhale use the backs of your forearms to perform a reverse curl bringing the dumbbells up towards your shoulders. On your exhale press the dumbbells straight over head. Inhale slowly lower them to shoulders and then exhale them down by the sides. Focus on using just the arms by keeping the legs stationary.
Cone Hops
Place a cone, towel, or dumbbell on the floor. Stand to one side of the cone with your feet hip width apart. Jump over the object with as much height as possible landing in. Repeat toward the other side.
20 total (10 in each direction)
Burpee with mountain climbers
Start standing tall. Place your hands on the floor. Step or jump back to a plank position. Draw one knee up towards your chest quickly extending it back out and then the other knee (mountain climber). Step or jump your feet back towards your hands and then either stand up or jump up. Work on keeping shoulders overtop of hands when in the plank position as well as the butt down for the mountain climbers
Squat Lunges
Hold dumbbells at your sides with your feet hip width apart. Perform a squat lowering your hips toward the floor with weight in your heels. After coming out of your squat perform a reverse lunge on one side being sure to pull back up with the front foot. Squat and then repeat on the other side.
10 lunges each side
Plank with Hand Taps and Plank with Toe Taps
Come into a plank position on your forearms. Keeping your hips solid you are going to tap your right hand out to the right side bring it back in and then tap your left hand out to the left side. The closer your arms are together the easier this is and the wider your feet are the easier this is.
Then you are going to tap your right foot out to the right side bring it back in and then tap the left foot out to the left side. Be sure hips stay level and low this whole time.
Both exercises are not about speed but control.
5 taps in each direction with both hands and feet
Super Crunch
Lie on your back with your knees and hips bent at a 90 degree angle with hands behind head and elbows wide. Perform a bicycle motion (bring opposite knee and shoulder together in the middle of your body) on both sides and then bring both knees and torso up in the middle for a double crunch.
10 total
Tri-Push up
Perform a regular push-up with your hands wide. Be sure to make adjustments with your feet/knees where needed. Your tricep push ups are done with your hand right next to your chest with elbows grazing the side ribs. Your power pushups are like jumping jacks with your arms. When your arms are in the middle they are straight and when you power them out to the sides lower your body down into a full pushup position.
10 of each

Cool Down-There was shoulder/chest work along with forward flexion. Both the Pec wall and hip flexor stretches below would be great after this workout.

Pec Wall
  • Stand against an object (a door frame works well) and form a 90/90-degree angle with your arms as depicted
  • Draw your belly button inward.
  • Slowly rotate your trunk forward around stationary arm until a slight stretch is felt in the anterior shoulder region.
  • Hold for 20-30 seconds
Hip Flexor
  • Draw your belly button inward
  • Tighten glutes and perform a posterior (backward) pelvic tilt.
  • Hold for 20-30 seconds
  • Avoid arching low back!
  • Motion occurs predominately at the pelvis, the back leg should not move.

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