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Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Circuit Workout

Variety for many is key. Instead of jumping on the treadmill or elliptical why not hit up this circuit workout. It can be done indoors or outdoors and you need no special equipment. It is designed for low impact, but can always be modified to push harder.
Before the workout walk, jog, or stair climb for 3-4 minutes. Then perform each exercise below for :45 or :60.  Go through the routine 2 or 3 times depending on the length of your workout. Finish your workout with a few stretches.

Hamstring Curls:
Transfer your weight onto your left leg as you curl your right leg behind you as if you are going to kick your backside. As you do this pull your bent elbows back like you are going to squeeze your shoulder blades. Repeat of the other side.

Lateral Shuffle:
Stay low with your legs. Move sideways across the floor keeping your toes and hips forward.

Low Jacks:
Step out the side with one leg as you bring your arms out to the sides. As you bring the leg back in the arms come down. Repeat on the other side. Keep movement quick and fluid.

Basketball Drill:
Turn and step to the right with your right foot as if you are going to catch a basketball. Come back to the middle and raise up on your toes. Repeat to the other side. 

Squat and Press OH:
With a quick motion lower yourself down into a squat position and when you come up press your arms up over head.

Moving side to side across the room. Cross your legs first in front of the body and then behind the body.

Quick Steps Behind: As your press your hands out in front of you step back quickly with the right foot. Switch legs and simultaneously press the arms out in front of you again.

Military Walk:
Sweep a straight right arm up to the sky as your straight left leg come up. Continue alternating arms and legs. Focusing on height with each motion. Hips should remain tucked underneath your body.

L1 Burpee:
Squat down aiming your hands toward the floor. Push yourself back up coming up on your toes and arms over head in a powerful motion.

With large leg and arm movements march across the floor.

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